Mr. Niko

Niko Carleo is a puppeteer, actor, and educator with over a decade of professional experience. Trained by the extraordinary puppetry scene in Atlanta, they specialize in children’s theatrical experiences for a wide variety of audience ages and sizes.


Outside of your local library or preschool, they have shared their puppetry skills with the Center for Puppetry Arts, Stone Mountain Park, Stagedoor Theatre, and many more Atlanta based outlets.


In addition to performance experience, they have spent many years as both an academic and arts educator, making lessons fun and accessible for all levels of age and neurodivergence while maintaining excellent class and crowd management skills.


  • 9 years professional puppetry experience, 12 years professional theatre experience
  • Comfortable performing for many as three thousand or as few as three
  • Extensive knowledge of puppetry styles and manipulation
  • Extensive classroom and assembly management experience
  • Significant teaching experience across range of subjects
  • Skills in developing shows and workshops
  • Experience leading creation and performance workshops
  • Skilled at communicating with children and teens of all ages
  • Experience working with neurodivergent and/or developmentally impaired children and adults
  • Prompt and polite email or phone correspondence.
  • Dedicated office hours every weekday
  • Enthusiastic and inclusive engagement with audience
  • Meets audiences where they are