Dr. Dinosaur!

Join Dr. Dinosaur on this exciting expedition of prehistoric proportions!

You’ll discover how Paleontologists learn interesting facts about Carnivores and Herbivores by examining the fossils and bones they left behind.

You’ll also learn about adaptation, flying reptiles, extinction…and you’ll even get to witness a “real live” Dinosaur Death Match between the Cruel King Lizard, Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Speedy Thief known as the Velociraptor

Rock thru the ages and rock to the beat in this toe-tapping musical revue featuring rod puppets, hand puppets, original songs and of course, dinosaurs!

This show is recommended for up to a 300-member audience of children ages pre-K to 5 years old and their families.

Technical Requirements

  • Lighting and sound support provided by the puppeteer.
  • Requires indoor space at least 15ft square and close to electrical outlet.

Curriculum Connections

  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Music
  • Visual Art
  • Theatre
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Additional Resources

For educational information, download the Bright from the Start Learning Extension or the Elementary School Teacher Guide!