The Princess & The Butterbean, y’all

Offered both Onsite and Virtual

The classic Hans Christian Andersen tale of a kingdom in search of a “real” princess gets a Southern-fried makeover in this warm and witty, one-of-a-kind adaptation created especially for glove-hand puppets.

Twenty mattresses, one butterbean, and approximately 50 dad jokes later, the new princess is welcomed into the family as the entire kingdom learns not to judge a book by its cover.   Remember, our differences are what make us unique…and they lived happily ever after, y’all!

This show is recommended for a maximum 250 for children ages pre-K to 5th grade and families. Performed from behind a booth type stage with glove style hand puppets. Concludes with a short behind the scenes demonstration

Technical Requirements

  • Lighting and sound support provided by the puppeteer.
  • Requires indoor space at least 15ft square and close to electrical outlet.

Curriculum Connections

  • Language Arts
  • Character Education
  • Music
  • Visual Art
  • Theatre

Additional Resources

For educational information, download the Bright from the Start Learning Extension or the Elementary School Teacher Guide!