Affordable 1, 3, and 7 Day Rentals Now Available


Proudly offering three of my most popular shows recorded using a two-camera, 5k high quality set up.

Anytime. Anywhere.  Any device. Your video “rental” would be active and accessible so that your audiences can watch it at any time during the day, maybe in the evenings with their families/friends, and as many times as they want.

Available virtual shows:

The Big Bad Wolf is working double-time in this original mash up of Three Pigs and Red Riding Hood.

Three fables from the Master of Morals help everyone remember, “slow and steady wins the race, honesty is the best policy, and you don’t have to be big to be important.” 

The classic Hans Christian Andersen story gets the southern-fried treatment while reminding us not to judge people on their appearances.  

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