I’m an Emmy-nominated, Atlanta-based puppeteer and nationally recognized touring artist. I combine live vocal characterizations and songs with innovative puppet designs for wholesome family entertainment. With a variety of shows in my repertoire, I’m available for touring throughout Georgia. …MORE…

Lee Bryan, That Puppet Guy
Aesop's Fantastic Fables

“Your energy and wit was contagious – it was a pleasure to have you share your talents and beautiful array of puppets with us.”

North Carolina Museum of Art

“Since we invite only the best, we are honored to have you.”

Center for Puppetry Arts, Atlanta, GA

“Bryan is a playful mimic, a shameless punster, and a silly lyricist who’s not afraid to take literary liberties in the name of a good rhyme.”

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Travelin' Tales

“The children’s faces say it all – eyes wide open, smiles frozen on their faces, and laughter that proves that they are enjoying your show.”

Pleasant Hill Presbyterian, GA

Why Choose That Puppet Guy for Your Entertainment?

The Big Bag, Little Red, Pig Show

I specialize in presenting puppet performances for exceptional school assemblies and extraordinary library programs. My puppet shows offer an immersive experience that simultaneously educates and entertains. Supplement your show with teacher guides that maximize your students’ comprehension and enjoyment of new vocabulary, language arts, music, theatre, art, and more.

Dr. Dinosaur!

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